Carwyn explores the enigma of a multi-layered man. A man ahead of his time. A man who was alone in a crowd. A man uncomfortable in his own skin. A man of whom it is said very few truly knew him, knew what made his heart beat and his mind tick.

In his 53 years Carwyn James made an incredible, indelible impact on his homeland, and yet is somewhat forgotten. A man who adored sport, culture and politics, a man who adored Wales. A man who beat the mighty All Blacks with three different teams. Carwyn explores the life of a man whose career comprised teaching, broadcasting, coaching, and even espionage.

This year marks 40 years since Carwyn’s death. We believe that his story deserves to be told once more.

Carwyn features a terrific solo performance by the actor Simon Nehan as the enigmatic Carwyn James.

Writer: Owen Thomas | Director: Gareth John Bale | Designer: Tegan Reg James | Lighting Designer: Ceri James