Stone’s Throw, Lament of the Selkie

Hushland Creative Presents: Stone’s Throw, Lament of the Selkie

Singer-songwriter Rachel Taylor-Beales’ highly acclaimed album is now mesmerisingly interwoven with her own journey through pregnancy, injury and birth, alongside a contemporary reimagining of an ancient myth.

Directed by Louise Osborn and featuring award winning actor-musician Lucy Rivers alongside Rachel, Stone’s Throw, Lament of the Selkie combines breathtaking music, songs, spoken-word and storytelling against a backdrop of large-scale visual projections and bespoke verbatim recordings of women’s birth stories and broader thoughts on identity.

Connecting selkie myth with modern mortals, walking the line where the ocean meets the land; this show is an intimate, stirring, and ultimately uplifting exploration of the ongoing process of rebuilding and reclaiming oneself after an experience of trauma.

“Exceptional” Folk Radio UK | “Outstanding” BBC Radio Wales | “Stunningly Ambitious” Fatea

Post Show Talk: (Including opportunity for Q.&A. following each performance)

Join performers and writers Rachel Taylor-Beales and Lucy Rivers for a post show talk and discussion on the nature of merging myth and reality and their motivation behind creating the performance. Here is a chance to unpack and reflect on some of the difficult themes of birth trauma and perinatal mental health, as well as an opportunity to feedback, comment or ask Rachel and Lucy questions about the performance and the issues that it raises.

Running times: Show approx 75 mins | Post Show Talk approx 20-30 mins

For more information on the songs, music and Rachel’s 10 part blog series that inspired this performance please visit www.racheltaylor-beales.com

Audience Feedback

‘Vivid visuals, mesmerising music and sensitive storytelling’


‘A magnificent and moving performance’

‘Stunning show!’

‘One of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in a long time’

‘A superb performance!’

‘Moving, strong and above all else, empowering’

Wednesday 5 Feb 2020