Storytelling Sessions | Sesiynau Adrodd Straeon

Are you a Welsh learner or somebody who wants to improve your Welsh speaking skills in a creative and fun way?
Have you a story to share of spooky experiences of things that go bump in the night?

Wales is a land awash with supernatural tales. Every village and vale has a ghost story, every town a tale of the Tylwyth Teg.

To coincide with the Consortiwm Cymraeg’s performances of Y Fenyw Mewn Du, Owen Staton, professional storyteller, will help you to tell your tale and to share your story in Welsh.

You will be encouraged to use the Welsh language by learning to tell these tales traditionally, just like the storytellers of old.
The sessions will also be an opportunity to learn new stories and legends of your local area.

All levels of Welsh speakers are welcome, and everyone will be supported in using the language as much as they wish.

Come and share your stories with us. The Woman in Black would love to hear them.

Suitable for ages 14 – Adults

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