A Light Sleeper: An Exhibition by Sarah Lees


In The Death of the Moth and Other Essays Virginia Woolf observes that E. M Forster ‘is like a light sleeper who is always being woken by something in the room’. By this she means that he was distracted creatively and as a result his work was not always thematically consistent – although Woolf felt that this was a weakness rather than a fatal flaw. The work in this show, produced over the last year, is also the product of a light sleep; troubled by factors like too little freedom, too much, the pointless distraction of grief, the drive of deadlines, the necessity of making a living. When the balance is right distractions will no longer matter and the mature work will emerge, but in the mean time I have the pleasure of painting the equivalent of daydreams.

Exhibition Opening: Saturday February 9th, 4pm
This exhibition will run until March 14th