A Proud History in the Community

The Welfare’s mission statement has access and participation at its heart and aims to preserve, develop and enrich the culture of our community. The Welfare was built with miners’ pennies to provide access to the arts for all.


The original mission stated:

“We should strive to make it the centre of our Social and Cultural life- a centre from which will radiate fellowship that will enrich the community.

It should be the place where the children will come to sing and play; where the young will come to recreate their bodies and minds; where the aged come to sit and rest and cheer life’s eventide with tales of long ago.

We aimed to provide for the many sides of life. Here are games to pass the idle hour; here is a library to enrich the mind. In the Hall we can hold our concerts and drama, and thus preserve and develop our Culture.”

Jim Griffiths, Chairman of the Committee 1934