Oh hello there! Welcome to our secret part of the website, which only special people like you have exclusive access to. Shhhh don’t tell anybody, we don’t want to be disturbed! Grab your blankets, find a torch, here is your very own Flossy & Boo Festive Adventures Activity Pack!

We suggest that the packs are done together as a family, with at least one big person and one little person working together and helping each other.

The pack is all about getting cosy and creative… So dive in and get ready for a brilliant winter adventure; from crafts to stories and even making your own December den! It’s the perfect winter warmer for the young, and the young at heart!

So, without further ado, click the image below to download the pack, and let’s get started. Also, as promised, scroll down even further for exclusive video content links. Have fun!

Flossy and Boo afaestive Adventures Activity PackFlossy & Boo Links