Theatr Iolo: The Welsh Dragon

When the walls of a Welsh castle start to crumble because of the two dragons who live in the dungeon, only a someone of pure Welsh heritage can stop the battle… but how exactly do you know if someone is Welsh or not?

Featuring music, rap, and a historical twist, this bold new play for children explores Britain’s black ancestry, challenging us to question the stories that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Funny, fast and thought-provoking, The Welsh Dragon weaves together the well-known myth with historical hidden truths to explore identity, ethnicity, and the origins of human life on the British Isles.

Suitable for: 7-13 years olds

School / Home Ed Learners: £10 each
Teachers / Home Educators: Free

Creative Team
Writer: Kyle Lima
Composer: Eadyth Crawford 
Designer: Kyle Legall

Monday 14 Oct 2024
Monday 14 Oct 2024